Pyrite Search

Pyrite Search is a private search engine created to simplify web browsing.

Here at Pyrite we believe that your data should never be tracked and sold; because of this we do not collect any data from our users.

We get our results from Google.This ensures that we always show you the most relevant results.

Why don't we have our own domain? Pyrite search doesn't make any money, so we host the website using a free webhosting service that dosen't allow free custom domains.

To get Pyrite Search on ios add this webpage to your home screen, and Pyrite Search will function just like a native app.

Contact me on Twitter with any questions

Pyrite Answers

Pyrite Answers is a tool that searches online fourms like Stack Overflow and Reddit to find answers to your very specific problem.

Pyrite Browser

Pyrite Browser is a web browser that doesn't collect or store any user data. Also, it blocks all trackers and ads, so your activity is completely private. Pyrite Browser is still in development; however you can download the beta version for windows here.

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